Community Partnerships


We foster, guide, and direct innovative cross-sector community partnerships that address complex social issues such as affordable housing, social determinants of health, and economic development. We know that top-down efforts alone rarely work and the most successful social programs listen carefully to and learn from the people most impacted.



Informed By Community

We always begin with engaging and listening to communites most affected by our work. Our community-informed process leads with humility and respect for diverse identities and opinions, giving particular attention and weight to voices from underrepresented populations.


Our Work in Southwest Denver

We are currently working with Denver Early Childhood Council's Launch Together initiative to build a resilient, trauma-informed community network of parents, providers, and programs throughout Southwest Denver.


In the News


Community Advocate Dr. Lydia Prado Joins the Barton Institute


The Barton Institute for Philanthropy and Social Enterprise announced earlier this year that Dr. Lydia Prado will be joining the Institute as Director of Community Partnerships.

Dr. Prado, a psychologist who earned her doctorate from the University of Denver in 1994, has spent much of the last 20 years as the VP of Child & Family Services at the Mental Health Center of Denver where she was the project visionary behind the Dahlia Campus for Health and Well-being. Dahlia Campus is an international award-winning community center providing an array of mental health services co-located with an urban farm, a preschool, a children’s dental clinic, and extensive space for community gatherings.  Learn more about Dahlia Campus >>>

As Director of Community Partnerships for the Barton Institute, Dr. Prado will foster, guide, and direct innovative cross-sector community partnerships that will address complex social issues in collaboration with local communities.

“When the opportunity arose to have Dr. Prado join our team to continue her work in other parts of the metro Denver area, we were ecstatic,” says Executive Director David Miller. "Her commitment to working with community and across sectors to find solutions to complex social problems is in direct alignment with our mission.” 

“My work with Mental Health Center of Denver and with the community surrounding the Dahlia Campus has been extremely rewarding,” says Dr. Prado. “As the City of Denver grows, so too must our commitment to pursuing innovative, cross-sector solutions. With the Barton Institute, I look forward to joining a nimble team doing just that.”