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Progress Report

Barton Institute for Philanthropy and Social Enterprise

The Barton Institute has been in operation for about two years now, and we are pleased to share our progress with you.

In this Progress Report, you’ll meet people who were once without a home and who now live in the Beloved Community Village of tiny homes in North Denver. You’ll learn about the children in Denver Public Schools who are staying in school by using restorative practices to address discipline issues. You’ll get a glimpse into the work of community members in Southwest Denver coming together to build a center for health and well-being.  And much more.

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In its first cross-sector partnership, the Barton Institute is collaborating with the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado and Colorado Village Collaborative to develop Denver's first tiny home community, Beloved Community Village (BCV).

In July 2017, an evaluation was initiated by the Burnes Center on Poverty and Homelessness to evaluate the effectiness of Beloved Community Village.

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Beloved Community Village Findings Brief

Burnes Center on Poverty & Homelessness

The four-year graduation rate for foster kids in Colorado last year — 23 percent — was lower even than among kids who are homeless. And it’s getting worse. It’s now the lowest since 2013, which is as far back as researchers have studied.

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Social Enterprise Development Framework: A Quantitative Analysis

QF Social Enterprise Fellows Emma Heffernan and Sofia Ponte

The social enterprise sector in Denver is growing rapidly. This overview outlines a quantitative analysis of social enterprise development in Denver.

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With so much growth in the social enterpise sector, capturing data is more important than ever. This report explores the social enterprise sector in the Denver Metro area.

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Pioneering for Financial viability: Metro Denver Social Enterprises

QF Social Enterprise Fellows Sajjid Budhwani and Becky Stifter

While we have seen considerable progress over the past decade in some indicators of well-being, the gravity of the social challenges the world continues to face today requires serious consideration of innovative ways to finance and deliver services more efficiently and cost-effectively. Some key contributions in recent years have forced those of us working on addressing these challenges to think differently.

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10 must read articles on leadership

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Compilation of Stanford Social Innovation Review's Top 10 articles on leadership.

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