Exciting Transition Ahead

Following a successful period of incubation at the University of Denver, we are pleased to announce that the Barton Institute will be taking steps over the coming months to become an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization: the Barton Institute for Community Action.

DU Chancellor Rebecca Chopp notes, “Becoming a free-standing organization will allow the Barton Institute an agility and a different risk profile than a university can accommodate. This evolution has been agreed to through careful study and with an attitude of great friendship and desire for continued partnership.”

David Miller, founder and Executive Director of the Barton Institute, expresses great appreciation for DU’s huge contributions to the origins of the Barton Institute. “When I came to DU three years ago, I had no idea how quickly and in what direction we would grow. We are so grateful to DU for giving us such a strong platform as we built programs to address community needs.” Laura Barton, whose family provided lead funding for the Institute, shares David’s gratitude, as well as excitement about the future. “Our connection with DU will continue to be strong as we position the Institute for its next chapter.”

The transition will take place over the next two years. DU and the Barton Institute will work together to determine how best to sustain the Colorado Lab and the CiviCO Social Enterprise Fellowships.

The Institute’s Community Partnerships work led by Dr. Lydia Prado has already moved to Lifespan Local, under the auspices of the Mental Health Center of Denver, in order to enable her team to expand their community-based work beyond what was possible at DU. The Barton Institute will continue our deep partnership to help Lifespan Local serve local residents.

 Watch the Barton Institute website for more information about the transition in the months to come.