Lifespan Local to join Barton Institute in 2020

As announced in our June newsletter, the Barton Institute will be moving out of the University of Denver in 2020 to become a stand-alone 501(c)(3) organization: the Barton Institute for Community Action. In fact, the new Institute received its official IRS designation this summer and is building infrastructure and programs.

We are pleased to share that beginning on January 1, 2020 Lifespan Local will join the Barton Institute for Community Action as its largest program. Lifespan Local works with communities to identify their challenges and build solutions. Led by Dr. Lydia Prado and her team, Lifespan Local is currently working in the Westwood neighborhood and has interviewed hundreds of residents in 8 different languages to determine their interests and needs.

Dr. Prado’s approach to working with the community is embodied in the Dahlia Campus for Health and Well-being. This recent article from Denverite about the Dahlia Campus describes the magic of this welcoming place where community members connect with each other, learn new skills, and find the help they need. The project in Westwood is likely to have many similarities to the Dahlia Campus, such as urban farms, early childhood education, and mental health services. It is also likely to have several differences, such as the inclusion of resident-owned small businesses and possibly some affordable housing. For more information about this, please contact Natalia Sullivan,